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    ESA (Environmental Science Associates) (2003)

    McGrath State Beach Natural Resources Management Plan

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    California Department of Parks and Recreation, Sacramento, California.

    This natural resources management plan has made a comprehensive analysis of the historic and recent
    information on the natural resources, recreation, cultural resources and land use within the park and the
    surrounding areas. As a result of that analysis significant and unique natural resources were identified
    and the physical and ecological processes that support those resources were determined. Based on that
    information, along with historic and current land use changes outside the boundaries of McGrath State
    Beach, management issues were identified and management recommendations were developed. These
    recommendations have taken a comprehensive approach to improving natural resources and recreational
    opportunities. Further, the management recommendations identify how the Department of Parks and
    Recreation, an important stakeholder in the community, can participate in local and regional planning
    issues to ensure that McGrath State Beach remains a unique and significant resource.

    ESA_2003.pdf (19MB)

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